Observing The Tao



A tree is the Tao expressed as a tree

a cloud is the Tao manifest as a cloud


when one observes the Tao and not its expressions this and that appears as One


stillness and movement are seen as a single action

sound and quietude known to be the same Silence

you and not-you

have no distinction.

When all appearances lose their form

and every outcome has no result


a gentle peace settles within.

Something Present



When we are very young

we look at a tree

and see Something


we glance at a bird

and watch Something


then we are taught

"this is a tree and that is a bird"


and the Something becomes

some things...


...and we forget

...then we forget we have forgotten


until one day we go looking

for Something

that never went away

The Heart And The Beauty



What the Heart likes is quietude

and noticing the settled Beauty all around


what the Beauty likes is the fulfillment

of its own expression

What You Prefer Is



What you prefer is your Self

and what you dislike is also your Self

what you hope to gain or fear to lose

is nothing but your Self 

why not forget it all

and return to That

which is before you?