Druid Podcast 

"The Goddess is everything in nature... ...and everything in nature is sacred.  Look.  That is her face.  Listen.  That is her voice.  She's in everything that is beautiful.  And everything that is harrowing as well." - Lady of the Lake, from Mists of Avalon the movie inspired by the wonderful Marion Zimmer Bradley book of the same name.

Welcome to Moonleaf's Druid Podcast (there is also an Amazon Audible link below):


For over ten years Moonleaf has avoided communicating what he experienced in the moment of spiritual epiphany.  He never quite found a place within Druidry to speak of the wisdom that came from that moment of sudden insight other than through the occasional poem at Eisteddfods.


Although in Druidry, we don't base the teachings on the revealings of a single person, in the same way that other religions might, there is still a process of selecting teachings and knowledge from certain mystics and prophets both modern-day and the past.  As a consequence, each Druid organisation has a process of filtering.  Therefore, by including these thoughts in a podcast, Moonleaf gives Druids the opportunity to decide and experience for themselves whether or not his words are of use to their daily practice and deepening of spiritual wisdom. 

The turning point for Moonleaf was the realisation that being a Bard means to also tell your own story.  To not do so, to worry whether anything of what he says might confuse people or cause them discomfort, is to obscure his own expression of unfolding out of fear.  He is 100% certain that some of Britain's and Ireland's Druids would have experienced and taught a universal Truth and having experienced that himself, he sees how certain tales and practices were in fact leading to that very point.


Moonleaf tells of a Druidry rich in enlightenment and awakening, a Druidry that works with alchemical metaphors to lead the practitioner into realising immortality, and of particular use today, a Druidry rich in healing through inner-stillness, nature, simplicity, aimlessness, and ease.

There are two purposes for this podcast:

1. To demonstrate to practising Druids that they don't need to turn to Eastern religions to discover about enlightenment and awakening, it is at the centre of Druidry along with the more commonly known ritual, and ceremony, and more recently the contemplative practice kindled by amongst others, James Nichol.

2. To help the listener deepen the connection to the Sacred in Nature.  To come to realise a deeper understanding with Nature and what underlies it, what lies within and around us.  To Awaken to our Truth.  This is what it means to know the oak, to be the Taliesin; the one whose brow is radiant [with enlightenment]. 

Example Subjects Covered

What the metaphor of the cauldron means and how it relates to the Holy Grail.   The meaning of the Taliesin, one of Britain's greatest Bards.  Creating a daily practice to get to the heart of what it means to "wear the Adderstone" [or Serpent Stone].  The flow of Awen and how its patterns arise during our day.  Were the mummies of the Tarim Basin, Druids?

And much more.