Observing What Is Observing



It is energy that arises and degenerates

what the energy belongs to is Immovable

do not watch the flow of zest

but that which is watching 

can you let go of this too? 

Rise and fall.

If Things Are Going Wrong



If things seem to be going wrong

and the little things you do appear to go awry slow down until you notice your movement matching the energy flow of the Tao

then all will happen naturally

The Path That Weaves Through Clouds



In trying to make things happen

we might not allow nature to run its course.


If we rush what has been set in motion

we may disturb the energy of that

which is coming into being

and throw matters into confusion.


What is required at a given moment

arrives naturally.


By remaining settled we become aware

of what grows and degenerates

then our actions match the requirements

of the present moment.


This is the path that weaves through clouds

Real Breathing



Real breathing

is aligned

with the turning of the planets.


Frozen like stone

Zhou Xuanjing draws the cosmos

through her feet.

One Thing



One Thing flows within Itself

its energy appears as the shape of all things not flowing

not motionless

should you think about it

you are This

should you not

you are This

Things Cannot Be Rushed



Things cannot be rushed

if you stop and listen

you will sense the natural pace of life

at this moment.

The old way is etched deeply within

it need not be understood but simply recognised

then a knowing arises from nowhere

and our actions and non-actions

match the flowing energy of Tao

and everything falls in line with its own being.